Is Drone Racing Becoming the Latest Popular Sport?

Drone racing is a fairly new activity. It is said to have originated somewhere in Australia in late 2014 as an amateur sport. The drones are equipped with cameras enabling the participants controlling them to view a live stream from the camera.


Drone Film Festival – the Flying Robot International Film Festival

As films made using drones are getting more popular, an international film festival has arrived in this domain. San Francisco’s forthcoming Flying Robot international Film Festival looks to reward drone filmmakers.


15-Year Old Pilot From England Wins Dubai's World Drone Prix

Luke Bannister of Somerset led a team with 43 members called Tornado X-Blades Banni UK in the World Drone Prix.


Keen on Drones? Now You Can Race Them

Drone racing is becoming a popular pastime for those hooked on adrenaline. Scott Simmie uncovers the appeal of drone racing and what you need in order to get started racing drones.


NYC Drone Film Festival Year Two

The New York City Drone Film Festival takes place March 4th-6th 6, at the DGA New York Theatre in the Midtown area of Manhattan.