Why Drones Are the Future of Agriculture

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Aug 04
drones in agriculture

The usage of drones has increased rapidly across many fields and its benefits are seen in various ways. One of the fields which has seen increased use of drones and reaped benefits is agriculture.

Agricultural drones are UAVs applied to farming in order to help increase crop production and monitor crop growth. Through the use of advanced sensors and imaging, farmers are able to use these drones to help them gather a richer picture of their fields. Information gathered from such equipment may prove useful in improving yields and farm efficiency.

Drones have redefined agriculture in many ways and both farming and technology experts continue to find new uses for UAVs in agriculture. Drones can help get better yields, increase the use of resources due to proper monitoring and bring down labour related costs; in short UAVs have had a huge impact on agriculture in the past few years.

The agricultural drone industry is set to boom, according to experts. In the next five years, the drone industry is expected to hit $100 billion, according to Investment bank Goldman Sachs. They have predicted the full economic potential of drones to be even larger as their effects ripple through the economy

The research from Goldman Sachs also said that agriculture is one of the industries with the most potential growth opportunity from drones and the agricultural drone market will be worth around $5.9 billion in the next five years.

Drones make monitoring crops much easier and a large area of crops can be monitored by a single drone for various factors like damage, pests, and water. Farmers can allocate their time and resources according to the needs of the particular area and save not just money but precious time too.

Some types of drones that are heavy-lift can also be used for purposes like spraying pesticides or fertilizer and can cover large areas of land in hours whereas a person heading out to spray the same amount of fertiliser could take a long time to complete the same job.

Drones are pretty much a game changer in the world of farming and other agriculture related activities and though it may seem like the next step, there are still some farmers who are hesitant to rely on drones for information on their farm. But the future of UAVs in the field of agriculture looks promising.

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