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May 19
Parrot drone

There are a variety of drones available today, for a wide range of budgets. Buying a drone is no easy task so analyzing your needs and finding a UAV that suits your requirements can ensure that you don’t make a bad choice.

If you are looking to spend around $1000 for a good drone, then this article is for you. We have compiled the best drones under $1000 with the best features and best value for money. A high quality camera drone is usually available for around $1000 and will include a gimbal, flight time that is sufficient for filming and modes that you can choose from.

It is important that the UAV performs well, is easy to use and takes great pictures and video. Here are some of the best drones for under a grand:


If you are looking to take high quality pictures then this is the drone you should get. This UAV has plenty of users raving about the quality; it can take 14mp images and 1080p videos.  The Parrot Bebop 2 also comes with a remote controller and has a good flying range of around 1.25 miles. The flight time of this drone is around 25 minutes.


This is a quadcopter with a good camera and comes with enough accessories to make any beginner’s flight interesting. It has a HD video camera and offers flight time of around 23 minutes, which is a good duration. The Phantom 3 Standard also has intelligent modes and a flight range of around 1000 meters.


This is another high quality drone and is great for those who are looking to take professional photos. It can take HD video and 12mp photos apart from coming equipped with a ground station. You don’t need a separate device to fly this drone as it has a screen built inside the remote.


This is a drone that many professionals prefer and consider worth the investment. It has many features for the price including a high quality camera and a flight range of around 5000 meters and live streaming.


This is a very attractive looking drone that comes with a gimbal stabilizer and takes high quality photo and video.  It is great for taking pictures and has good flight modes. This quadcopter comes with enough accessories to keep any drone aficionado happy.


While all DJI drones are popular, this one is high quality and is easy to use. It has auto take off and auto return to base modes with GPS. It can take photos at 12mp and HD video. It has a easy to use hover function and stability from Gimbal. Another feature of this UAV is that it has sensors for obstacle avoidance. Apart from a good quality camera it also comes with a good battery which provides around 25 minutes of flight time.

Before you choose one of these drones, find out which one matches your requirements and has features you will actually use and comes with enough flight time. Buying the most expensive drone available doesn’t necessarily mean you bought the best one for your own personal requirements since every drone pilot can have different preferences.

Best ways to choose a drone

Choosing a drone that is within your skill level is very important as is the size of the drone. Another important factor to consider while buying a drone, apart from its price, is the flying time the battery provides and the price of spare batteries. The flying range of a drone is also important but don’t forget that in the beginning you are less likely to fly for long durations. If you are buying a drone mostly for photography purposes as opposed to flying it for recreational purposes then it can be a good idea to buy one that takes high quality images and comes with easy to operate smart modes even if it doesn’t have fancy accessories.

We wish you all the best in your hunt for the perfect drone.


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