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Jun 24

Whirlybug Productions delivers full-scale video and editing services to commercial and residential clients across the country.

Whirlybug Productions is an aerial photography and video production company located in Atlanta, Georgia. They provide both full-scale video and editing services to commercial and private clients across the country, as well as providing expert operators and licensed drone pilots with experience in creating solutions and developing technical plans.

What can drones do for you? Drones can open several options for filming locations and scenes, whether your market is real estate, filmmaking or inspecting buildings or locations. Using drones for filming?

For aerial photography, drones have many advantages over other methods of getting shots such as cranes or helicopters. The main advantages, as you might guess are cost, as well as safety, both to the operators and crew on the ground, while still providing high-resolution video and stills. Size of drones is another advantage, before drones started appearing with high-definition cameras, doing a shot that involved flying from outside a house, though a window and around a house was something only a filmmaker with a large budget would consider. Of course, these days, more and more real estate agents are showcasing properties with videos featuring shots just like those. In fact, in television, that shot of the camera flying from ground level, then up and away from the actors used to involve either cranes or even helicopters, an expensive and potentially dangerous task; these days a drone costing a few hundred dollars can replicate the same shot for much less.

While, for shots close the ground, booms, cranes and jibs still have their advantages, such as drones still having a relatively short flying duration, typically around 20 minutes for consumer drones, plus they’re not ideal for shooting any sound due to the noise made by the four blades spinning only a couple of centimeters away from the drone’s camera.

But drones can be used for more than just filming. Talk to Whirlybug Productions for more ideas how drones can help your business.

Whirlybug Productions delivers full-scale video and editing services to commercial and residential clients across the country. By developing software solutions that assist then in their work, they’re able to meet the challenging demands of any size project with precision and expertise. Through their dedication to continued excellence and passion for creating masterful videos, they remain committed to achieving their vision of bringing detail into focus for those seeking unparalleled aerial camera work. For more information, visit their website at: whirlybug.com

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