Sweden Bans Flying Drones With Cameras In Public

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Dec 03

Sweden’s supreme administrative court has banned camera drones used for filming public places unless it is for approved surveillance uses. This essential means that tourists and local alike cannot use drones to film their experiences in cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg.

No exceptions are made for journalists either. The new ruling does not permit any type of commercial use of camera drones. Drone industry experts and drone lovers are outraged by the decision and claim it is illogical since it is still legal to capture images in public but it cannot be done with a drone.

In the decision, which has been a blow to aerial photography lovers, drones or quadcopters have been classified as surveillance cameras. So drone users would now require a permit under camera surveillance laws. However, the court did qualify that dashcams, on bicycle or motorbike handlebars do not require a permit for filming.

Those wishing to fly drones with a camera will now need to apply for surveillance camera permits and pay a large application fee. Then county administrators will determine the nature of your drone use and either approve or disapprove the permit.

Drone photographers who offer their services for a fee now say they have a lost a way to earn while drone lovers say they have lost their hobby. The drone industry in Sweden had been expanding and many people were choosing to buy drones to bring their dreams of flight to life.

All across the world drones remain a talking point. Earlier this year the Australian government said it would review drone usage rules and enable growth and innovation in drone usage.

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