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Nov 11
SuguDrones.com website

Located in Markham, Ontario, a city known for high-tech ventures (and just north of Toronto, Canada), Sugu provides training for drone operators.

Located at 16th Avenue & 404 in Markham, Ontario Sugu (Japanese for “fast”) is Canada’s largest drone training centre offering classes 365 days a year. Their training programs are taught by  operators who are licensed commercial pilots, aircraft mechanics and photographers with years of experience in flying.

Sugu Offers Several Courses Taught Either Online or In-Person

Some of the courses taught include:

  • Ground School: learn to fly without endangering your drone using a modern simulator. This is an online course taught by a licensed commercial pilot.
  • Other courses cover everything from Theory of Flight, Navigation, Meteorology, Airlaw, Radio procedures, Flight Instruments, Flight Operations, Flight Training and Human factors.
  • Sugu’s courses are recognised by Transport Canada.

Sugu Consulting Services

Sugu also provides consulting services for firefighting. Drones can provide a birds-eye view of a fire and live-streaming high-resolution thermal images. This can be used to find victims faster, assess hazardous situations from a distance and even search and rescue by dropping supplies.

Sugu also offers consulting on your SFOC application. A SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) is a document issued by Transport canada that tells you how and where you may fly your drone. For more information on SFO Certificates, see: Transport Canada’s website. Generally it applies to compliant drones operating in a urbanised environment. Sugu is a one stop shop where you can find insurance and download resources from Transport Canada on there school website.

Drone Rental Services

Sugu also makes drones available for rental. Upon completion of our course, students will be able to rent out compliant drones for usage in urban environments. Students will be subject to a final exam and flight review.

Getting Started

For more information visit their website at: SuguDrones.com  or call them at:  1888-FLY-SUGU (1-888-359-7848)

For updates and events, Follow Sugu on social media at: facebook.com/SUGUCANADAinstagram.com/sugu.ca , and twitter.com/suguworld

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