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Oct 28
SkySnap website

SkySnap is a Toronto-based company offering aerial photography services as well as drone rentals, based in Toronto, they offer a range of services from aerial photography, video, surveying and mapping.


Who is SkySnap?

SkySnap is a Canadian company that offers drone rentals and drone photography services including: aerial surveying services and aerial mapping services. Their operators are fully trained and licensed (UAV training and licensed pilots). As well as offering drone services, they rent and sell many different drone models.


SkySnap’s Services

Offers many drone photography and drone videography services in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada.

What sets SkySnap apart is its uniquely structured business model, their rental division enables them to supply their staff with a wider array of equipment than would normally be available to a Toronto aerial photography services. Owning their own specialist equipment enables them to provide a wide range of service at extremely competitive pricing.

Whether you need UAV photo or UAV video services, their Toronto-based company is the right choice for your next aerial photography in Toronto project.

Aerial Surveying

Aerial surveying is another service SkySnap offers is aerial surveying. Aerial surveying broadly means using aerial photography or remote sensing technology to collect imagery by using airplanes, helicopters, UAVs, balloons or other aerial methods; it has numerous applications ranging from real-estate to mining.  Because of the cost savings of using drones over helicopters or plans, SkySnap’s UAVs can bring spectacular aerial views of your house, property, or park into your budget range.

SkySnap is a drone photography company in Toronto that is owned by a marketing firm, enabling them to save them (and you) costs on post processing services. Their services are focused on three areas: quality of work, excellent customer service, and uncompromising safety standards by using fully trained, certified and insured UAV operators.

Aerial Mapping

Along with surveying, SkySnap offers a comprehensive range of aerial mapping across Canada. They specialize in both 2D and 3D mapping using a wide range of aerial mapping software and aerial mapping systems. Arial photography and surveying can be done with their drones that include camera with from 12MP to 42MP resolutions. As well, they operate special attachments such as, laser scanners and thermal cameras. Additionally, their services are not limited to mapping, they can perform detailed analysis such as elevation and stack volume analysis.

Rental Services

SkySnap also offers a wide range of drones, including DJI’s latest professional models, available for rental.


Whether you need UAV photo or UAV video services, their Toronto-based company is the right choice for your next aerial photography in Toronto project. Visit Skysnap today:

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