Six Ways Drones Can Make a Difference

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Apr 28
drones in agriculture

Six Ways Drones Can Make a Difference in the World. Drones have received a lot of negative publicity in the recent times, with some ramming into birds and others making unscheduled landings in secure areas, there has also been an instance where an airport had to be shut down because of drone-related issues.

However, they are not at all mean machines and neither are they all flown by amateurs, here are the top six ways drones can make a positive difference in the world.

An uncrewed aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone, is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. UAVs are a component of an unmanned aircraft system; which include a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two.


A Norfolk man who went missing in June last year was only found when a police drone spotted him stuck on a marsh. Peter Pugh, 75, was walking home through Titchwell Marshes when the tide came in. He said he attempted to swim to the next field, but was blocked by dense reed beds. Twenty-two hours after he went missing; a police drone recorded footage of Mr Pugh. He was up to his armpits in water. Police said they would not have been able to find him so quickly without the drone, as a helicopter would not have been able to fly so low to the ground, a BBC report said.

Drones can be used for all types of rescue operations and can be used to view and reach areas which are not easily accessible.

Tracing sharks

You don’t have to worry about hearing the Jaws theme song in your head anymore at the beach.

Australia has pioneered the use of drone technology to track great white sharks and monitor the threat they pose to beachgoers. The aircraft provides a live video feed to an operator, who then uses special software, with more accuracy than the human eye, to identify sharks, according to a BBC report.


Maps are the best way to find places right? But what can be done when there no precise maps of the area? Drones help create maps that are accurate and to scale. They have helped people in remote places of Africa plan infrastructure.

Making Deliveries

By ‘Making deliveries’ we don’t just mean your Amazon prime order, drones carrying supplies can reach disaster struck zones quickly and can carry medical supplies in emergencies. Blood and medical supplies can reach the recipients quicker by drones.

In December 2016, Amazon successfully delivered a Prime Air parcel to Cambridge, England. Amazon had built a Prime Air fulfilment centre in the Cambridge area. Amazon posted a video of the delivery on their official YouTube channel.

Reducing pesticides

Farmers who use drones to spray their crops with pesticide claim they are significantly reducing their use of the chemicals, which can threaten biodiversity. In theory, using drones to spray crops improves the precision with which pesticides are applied because they can distribute them in specific volumes on GPS-defined routes through a field, a BBC report said.

Farming communities have already reported increases in crop yields after using drone technology.


Drones are also being used to monitor the health of forests, and the biodiversity in them.

“In Indonesia, drones are being used as a cost-effective way of monitoring the dwindling orangutan population. Previously, the great apes’ nests had to be tracked by teams using binoculars. Drones have also have been used in the country to map the health of forests, showing where illegal logging is taking place,” according to a BBC report on the six positive ways drones can be used

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