Recreational Drones Can Now Be Blasted out of the Sky by US Military

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Oct 18

The military times recently reported that a new policy regarding drones has been formulated that allows military bases to shoot down private and commercial drones encroaching on its airspace.

The new order came from the pentagon and was sent to US armed services in July according to sources. However the other details of the order remain classified.

The Pentagon spokesperson told reporters about the new policy in a press meet and said the policy allows the military to track, disable and distort drones. The UAVs could also be seized r impounded he added.

The policy brought in some uncertainty among recreational drone users who said sometimes it can be difficult to ascertain whether their drone was on military airspace or not.

It was not clear, the Military Times said, whether the policy had affected airspace access around the silos or at other bases—again, the details remain classified. The changes had been vetted by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the military’s engagement with drones will depend upon the specific circumstances, the spokesperson said.

If you are a drone enthusiast who doesn’t want to see your precious UAV blown up into a million pieces then it is best to find out if there are any defense airspaces around your area and stay clear of them. Drone activity has been restricted at 133 military areas and there is a map online in case you would like to check out the places. Remember that violators could face punishment that could even include jail time.

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