Not in My Airspace: Airbus Rolls out Anti-Drone System

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Mar 28

Airbus Defence and Space Has Developed an Anti-Drone System That Can Detect a Drone, Then Track It, and Jam It.

Michael Cooney of NetworkWorld reports that Airbus Defence and Space has developed an anti-drone system that can detect a drone, then track it, and jam the drone communications.

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but there is a growing backlash against these unmanned aircraft. Conney discloses that there have been reports of close calls with other aircraft as well as privacy invasion complaints against drones. As a result of the backlash, Airbus created an anti-drone system that was showcased in a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year.

Cooney reveals that Airbus describes the anti-drone system as having “infrared cameras, radar technology and sensors to spot and track drones over six miles away.” Further, Airbus stated that the direction finder could track the ‘position of the pilot who subsequently can be dealt with law enforcement.’

Conney further discloses Airbus statement with regards to the Smart Responsive Jamming Technology they developed as jamming signals blocking only ‘relevant frequencies used to operate the drone.’ Moreover, the Smart Responsive Jamming Technology allows, ‘other frequencies in the vicinity remain operational.’

The US Federal Bureau of Prisons, a group within the agency of Department of Justice, has issued a Request for Information requesting knowledge of how to protect their personnel and prisoners from any potential “incoming threatening drones.” Cooney further reveals the BOP is searching for a system allowing the group to detect, track, and disarm any unmanned aerial system (less than 55 lbs or about 25 kg).

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