FAA Doesn’t Have Authority to Regulate Drones in US

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Aug 13
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Drones don’t need to be registered anymore, Claim your money back if you did register them.  Drone hobbyists don’t have to register their UAVs according to a federal appeals court which recently found that the FAA doesn’t have authority to regulate ‘model aircraft’. Drones are categorized as model aircrafts and cannot be registered.

The FAA had previously said all drones should be registered in a national database along with a $5 fee for the registration. Now the FAA is offering refunds to those who had previously paid the $5 fee to register their drones. The appeals court decision has nullified the rule that drone hobbyists could face venalities or even jail time if they dint register their drones.

However the FAA said it would review the decision before determining its next step and could even amend its 2012 modernization and reform act that designated drones as model aircraft that were not subject to FAA authority.

However some drone experts disagreed with the ruling and said the federal registration system was important to have accountability and responsibility among drone hobbyists.

“The FAA must have appropriate authority to maintain reasonable oversight of UAS operations, including management of a national UAS registry, which is the first step to identifying UAS operating in the national airspace,” the Small UAV Coalition said in a statement. The Small UAV Coalition is a drone coalition with members including Amazon, Intel and Verizon’s venture capital arm.

The court order does not deal with commercial use of drones and the FAA drone ruling that requires businesses to register their drones and follow rules when using them for commercial purposes.

Drone users who are interested to get their refund in case of a previously registered UAV can download a form from the FAA website which they will then have to fill in and mail to the aviation registry in Oklahoma city. The FAA however said it continues to encourage voluntary registration for all owners of small unmanned aircraft.”

Drones that are exempt from registration must not weigh more than 55 pounds and users should proclaim they are flying them for recreational purposes only and away from piloted aircrafts. Drone owners also have the option of getting their drone information deleted from the registry and letting the FAA keep the money.

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