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Are you feeling overwhelmed by choice of drones on the market today? DroneVersus helps clear some of the confusion by letting you compare models of drones based on your criteria.

What is DroneVersus?

Launched in early 2019, DroneVersus provides a comparative analysis of drones using data supplied by the manufacturer’s technical specifications.

While you can read up specifications for drones in reviews, you often miss the larger picture. Say you read on a blog review that a drone has a flight time of 20 minutes; you don’t know if that’s particularly good or bad number. Same goes for speed and photographic ability. With literally dozens of models from just the well-known manufactures, finding the best match for your requirements can be overwhelming.

With DroneVersus you can quickly compare that to a number to other drones from several manufacturers to know how good a drone’s specification is or not compared to other similar models – and what the price points are. Visit to see what kind of attributes can be compared.

Who Is Droneversus For?

DroneVersus has several applications: whether you already know your application and are looking to research drone models in a price range, or you are looking to do research on what is available for your budget, DroneVersus can help. When you are ready to buy, you can even do that directly through the website.

You can browse by manufactures like DJI, Parrot and others. You can also look up by drones by rated flight speed or by camera resolution and frames-per-second (fps).

For example, this page shows how several models stack up for shooting 4k DCI video, and that’s just one example of what DroneVersus can compare.

An example would be – do you require a drone that can shoot 4K DCI video at 24fps? You can find a quick list of drones that support that specific requirement on the website.

What Sets Droneversus Apart From Other Drone Directories?

What sets it apart is that it focuses on what matters to the buyer. Are you looking for a drone with a long flight time? DroneVersus takes the manufacturers’ information and lets you compare drone flight times and the speed-to-cost ratio or flight-time to cost.

On the other hand, are you looking to use your drone for photography? DroneVersus can let you compare Field of View (FOV) and Megapixels across several models, again, based on what manufacturers provide.

DroneVersus can provide these comparisons thanks to its proprietary algorithms to generates a score for the drone that can be used to rank the drones and further understand how the drone stacks up against the others

DroneVersus uses information provided by the manufacturers through technical specifications, however, visitors to the site provide corrections too, as sometimes specifications might change over the period the model is manufactured.

Visit today to see what your next drone should be.


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