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Apr 21
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Looking for drone services like repairs or hire a pilot for video shoot? DronePal  is a whole new platform and is designed for ease of use, community use, rentals, resales, training, education, pilots, captains and so much more. If you own a drone, want a drone or need drone footage, DronePal will get you connected.

The Growth of the Gig Marketplace

The gig marketplace is growing, estimates put it at as much as 34% of the US workforce. Some companies include: TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and UpWork are some of the names most business owners have probably heard of.

According to Entrepreneur the gig economy is also evolving, one of those ways is more specialized or focused gig marketplaces. DronePal is one of those, focusing on the growing market for drone or UAV services.

What Is DronePal?

DronePal is a marketplace and a community that lets both amateur and professional drone enthusiasts sell services, and products.  For example, if you own and perform drone services such as repairs, video/photo editing, or are a pilot and can fly for clients, then you can use DronePal to grow your business. It’s free to join and there is no cost to list a service or item for sale.

When a Buyer makes a purchase, the funds are collected by DronePal and held until both the Buyer and Seller agree the services have been rendered as described.  Through their platform, the Seller will acknowledge when they completed the service and then the Buyer will acknowledge and release the funds.

Sellers are charged a 10% fee to cover the costs of maintaining the website and processing fees for accepting payments.

For people looking for drone services, DronePal lets you search by the industry or service your looking for (everything from agriculture, to wedding photography, racing drones, pilots or drone repair services). You can search by location, price range and by keywords.

Why not visit DronePal today to get started, list your drone services, or see what’s available for your next project? 

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