Drone Basics: How to Take Care of Your Drone

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Jun 25
Drone in flight

Deciding which drone you want to buy must have taken some time, or maybe it dint, but it is very important that whichever drone it is that you own, you treat it with the respect and love it deserves.

You must care for your drone and its parts and make it a habit to keep it clean so it is ready when you want to fly it. Obviously it is important to keep it free of dust and grime but it is also good to know some general tips and some tools you should own to make sure your drone stays in good shape.

Every drone is different; some come with their own tools and care kits, if yours did not, then you can just make a kit of your own. Put together a set of things that will help you tend to your precious UAV and keep it clean. These things will differ from drone to drone but some may be specific to the type of your equipment, but it is essential to know what you require for your own drone, here are some basic requirements for your drone cleaning and maintenance kit.

Microfiber cloth:

This is a great way to wipe down your drone to clean out dust and dirt. This can also be use if you are looking to disassemble your drone for a full cleaning.

Soft cleaning brush:

A brush is a good way to wipe away dust or debris that may get into the corners of the drone. Pipe cleaners too can be usedCanned air: This will help you clean out dust particles and dirt from the spots which are tough to reach on your drone with the brush. It will not harm the electronics.

Isopropyl alcohol:

This is great for cleaning your drones shell and should work well for cleaning off dirt, grass stains and anything else. Make sure you buy 99% Isopropyl alcohol

3-in-1 lubricant:

Your drone’s motors could require lubrication, it is essential to keep a bottle on you at all times when flying. You should check your specific drone’s details to know whether you should purchase this.

Some things to have on hand for drone repair.

These things should ideally be part of your kit when you are out flying your drone.

Extra propellers:

If you dint buy these when you bought your drone then it is time to. Propellers are usually the first part to get damaged in a crash and it would be very useful to have extras. Make sure you buy the right size to fit your drone and ideally check with your drone manufacturer for extra parts.

Small Toolkit:

If you need to quickly do some repairs on the field, it is essential to have some tools, your drone may come with a small toolkit that you could take along when you are flying or may not need any tools at all, carrying along a small screwdriver to ensure everything is secure is a good idea.

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