Consumer Drones Could Be Monitored by the FAA With a Remote Identification System

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Oct 09

Media reports have said that the Federal Aviation Administration is now working on a new remote identification system for consumer drones. As drones gain more popularity, the issues that have accompanied drones have increased as have the regulatory concerns surrounding recreational drones.

The new identification system is aimed to create a better system mechanism and to increase accountability for pilots. Ever since drones have become more affordable for the average UAV enthusiast, the FAA has faced many challenges in keeping safety and security intact.

In short, if drones are going to become more commercial available and more popular in the future then a regulatory air traffic system is necessary to oversee drone traffic. Drones are now used for various purposes and in the future could be used for more package deliveries, medical purposes, surveillance and other uses all making it easy for traffic in the sky to get out of hand.

A system is inevitable according to drone industry experts. With the popularity that drones are gaining it could take only a few years before the skies are swamped without regulatory control. Recently the FAA has started a rulemaking committee to help find solutions to help identify drones remotely.

There are existing rules too. For example, drones that weigh more than half a pound should have an identification number on it; however that ID is nearly impossible to see from the ground. Similarly most drone experts agree that some sort of registration is essential for the remote identification system to work since the UAV would have to be included in a database to associate it with an owner.

It is important to remember that these drone rules and regulations exist for good reasons and that as drone enthusiasts while some of the rules may seem redundant or exhausting they are likely to keep the skies safe and keep the UAVs in good condition.

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