Canadian Institute for Drone Technology Opens in Charlottetown

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Dec 25

Charlottetown, PEI has a new drone business. The new company, which markets commercial drone training, is the Canadian Institute for Drone Technology.

It is headed by licensed commercial pilot and flight instructor Greg Davis, who is from Halifax. Greg Davis is president and founder of DronEye, a Transport Canada compliant school under the direction of Transport Canada, according to a report in the Guardian.

The Canadian Institute for Drone Technology will be the first on the Island to market commercial drone training for fire, police and first responders as well as agriculture, engineering, construction and government entities in the coming months, the report said.

Apart from on-site three-day courses, the institute will also provide online training programs. They will also open a drone flight training school as a supplement to the Transport Canada compliant ground school program for drone pilots in 2018.

The institute’s assets include the Phantom 4Pro, economical for the small- to medium-sized company to hire for professional quality 4K HD pictures and videos. The DJI Inspire Pro 2 drone series was added for its climate capability, according to the Guardian. Its founder Davis said training would also be offered to the general public who wanted to know more about drones and drone safety especially since they were widely available now.

“These things are flying lawnmowers. I’m all about safety. Our team is all about safety, and I have a genuine concern, not only for the public, but because there are so many yahoos out there who are not licensed,’’ Davis told the Guardian.

There are many safety issues that surround drones, he said. He added that he has observed drones in the air being operated by inexperienced pilots that, under the right circumstances could block the path of an incoming jet into Charlottetown.

The institute would help tackle the problem by teaching people to be more aware about drones and offer a course that was called ‘beyond visual line of sight’.

“That’s really where the focus is, the people getting into the industry. We will be offering what is called a beyond visual line of sight course. We’ve got (about) 1,400 hours of actual teaching time. We really do consider ourselves experts, he said.

Unfortunately these courses would not come with certification but it would help make better drone pilots. Interestingly they are not as expensive as one may think. The courses will be one-fifth the market price now, Davis said.

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