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May 17

Located in Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city, Annapolis Ascent provides drone mapping services for architects and construction management teams as well as video and photography services.

Drones have changed what is possible with aerial photography, what once required a helicopter to do, can now be done with a drone with less risk and expense.

Annapolis Ascent provides services in three areas:

  • Drone mapping services for architects and construction management teams
  • Creating 3D structure models and topographic maps.
  • Providing photo and video services for marketing

Drone mapping services

Topographic maps are maps that show the elevation of the land and are a routine task for many surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals.  Just about any project design requires a topographic survey for a project manager to know what the characteristics of the ground are to properly design the project.

3D structure models

3D structure models are the process of flying a drone around a real object, like a building and taking a series of photos that can be combined with software to produce a photo-realistic computer model that can be animated.

Photo and video services for marketing

For marketing aerial photography provides Stunning high definition aerial photographs for digital or print copies. A drone video gives you Breathtaking videos highlighting critical features from all angles. You can see examples of some of their work on the portfolio page.

Annapolis Ascent will create a more appealing home viewing and buying experience for you and your clients. Also, they can offer angles that previously were impossible to capture. Their 3-axis gimble allows for smooth, stable video and provides crisp, clear 4K HD streaming. Combined with custom soundtracks and extensive and detailed editing, Annapolis Ascent will create more marketing opportunities for you and or your agency.

Why Hire Annapolis Ascent?

All their services are aggressively priced and offer a great deal of value far beyond the purchase price. Reliable and highly effective content is what they strive for. As a team, they collaborate on each project, devising the best strategy for providing the most professional service to every one of their clients. They pride themselves in customer satisfaction, and they aren’t happy until you are. From start to finish, they guarantee you will find their process to be completely customer oriented. They take the time to understand the needs of their clients and how they can best serve them. You can expect a great experience that’ll keep you coming back to their talented team of content creators.

Annapolis Ascent uses only professionally certified drone pilots with an sUAS License. They are always looking for new pilots, visit their site for more information.

Visit their website at for more information.

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