Four Steps to Build a Drone Business

Frank Schroth shares Scott Jackman’s, co-founder of Kansas City Drone Company, story of how he started his drone business and provides tips on how to build a drone business.


Daredevil Drone Flies Through the Trees Like an Ace

Skydio has created a drone with a sophisticated autopilot that allows the drone to fly itself using Skydio’s technology. As a demonstration, staff rode bicycles along a dirt track while the drone followed using its autopilot to weave around trees, branches, and any other obstacle in its way.


Miniature Fuel Cell to Keep Drones Aloft for Over an Hour and Phones Charged for a Week

“The Postech device generates power by converting hydrogen (in this case, “Wet” H2 gas comprising 97 percent H2 and 3 percent H20 mixture) supplied as fuel gas to the anode to create electricity.”


Pentagon Report Justifies Deployment of Military Spy Drones Over the U.S.

According to a new report by a Pentagon inspector general, the Pentagon has in the past decade flown military spy drones over U.S. territory for non-military missions. The Pentagon established a policy allowing spy drones to be used for “homeland defense purposes in the U.S. and to assist in civil authorities.”


High-Tech 'Bazooka' Fires a Net to Take Down Drones

From a range of up to 100 metres, one police officer could use this bazooka-style device to shoot a canister that opens up a net to capture a drone.


Keen on Drones? Now You Can Race Them

Drone racing is becoming a popular pastime for those hooked on adrenaline. Scott Simmie uncovers the appeal of drone racing and what you need in order to get started racing drones.


What will the Commercial Drone Industry look like in 2016?

The survey asked the industry what we will see more of and less of in 2016 and what they’re most excited about. To give a sense of the survey response, Bartlett pulls some of the responses and quotes them.


Drone Regulations Coming, Says Transport Canada

In order to enforce guidelines, Transport Canada is evaluating the United States method of enforcing laws with regards to recreational drones.


Lord Norman Foster to build world’s first drone port in Rwanda

Lord Foster, the British architect who built the iconic building Gherkin in London, plans to build drone ports which will “host a health clinic, digital fabrication shop to make spare drone parts, a post and courier room, and an e-commerce trading hub.”