Nova Scotians Cash in on Illegal Drone Use

An increasing number of people in Nova Scotia who are using drones illegally to make money. A business that does not have a Special Flight Operations Certificate could be fined up to $25,000.


Drone Meets Blimp for Crowd-Friendly UAV

A new breed of unmanned aerial vehicle that is a combination of a traditional quad copter and a blimp.


Hydrogen Powered Drone Takes Flight

Intelligent Energy has created a hydrogen fuel cell. Copestake was even given exclusive access to a test flight of hydrogen fuel cell powered drone.


Airservices Australia Could Ease Drone Restrictions in Major Cities

Airservices Australia is planning on easing drone restrictions around major cities. They plan to add another zone called a “green zone” that allows pilots to fly their unmanned aircraft without having to request permission.


The Cause and Effects of the Drone Boom According to Chris Anderson

Anderson compared the use of drones by amateurs to the early personal computers; the main reason of use at that point was experimentation and some geeky fun.


DroneDeploy Reports Two Million Acres Mapped Across 100 Countries, Drone Industry Set to Grow.

DroneDeploy, which is a cloud-based drone software system, recently published a report providing information regarding the use of drone technology that's mapped over 80,000 hectares already.


15-Year Old Pilot From England Wins Dubai's World Drone Prix

Luke Bannister of Somerset led a team with 43 members called Tornado X-Blades Banni UK in the World Drone Prix.


Are the Dangers From Drones for Manned Aircraft Exaggerated and Should We Be More Concerned Over the Use of Lasers

British Airline Pilots Association Deems Lazars Enough of a Threat to Call "For Laser Pens to Reclassified as Offensive Weapons."


BonaDrone Set to Launch 3D-Printed, Customisable Drone

Malek Murison discovers a rarity in the drone community: A customisable and 3D-printed drone. The Barcelona-based BonaDrone, who developed this rare drone, has caught the attention of drone enthusiasts. BonaDrone allows the buyer to pick and choose whether they want to receive their drone pre-assembled or in pieces. This option allows the buyer to have fun with putting the drone together.