Drones to Supply Blood and Medicines to Rural Health Centres in Rwanda

Necessity is the mother of invention, and now it looks like it is the mother of innovation too. Drones are being deployed to deliver blood and health supplies to rural health centres in Rwanda.


Military Drone Zone – Pentagon Reveals Mini Drone Experiment in Alaska

The pentagon has now revealed that it experimented with Micro-drones that can be launched from the flare dispensers of moving F-16s and F/A-18 fighter jets.


Drone Basics: How to Take Care of Your Drone

Deciding which drone you want to buy must have taken some time, or maybe it dint, but it is very important that whichever drone it is that you own, you treat it with the respect and love it deserves.


Drone Film Festival – the Flying Robot International Film Festival

As films made using drones are getting more popular, an international film festival has arrived in this domain. San Francisco’s forthcoming Flying Robot international Film Festival looks to reward drone filmmakers.


Things to Know Before You Fly Your Drone in the UK

As drones become cheaper and easily accessible, the regulatory issues that come with it too are growing. Here are some things you must know if you are going to fly your drone in the UK.


Robot Competition With Flying Drones to Deliver Packages Is Not Pie in the Sky

Earthbound robots could shape the future in the shipping industry. Amazon recently began trials of flying drones to make deliverers. Dempsey reveals that an earthbound robot could carry much more than an airborne drone. An earthbound robot can carry up to 13 kilogrammes.


Switzerland Begins Postal Delivery by Drone

Swiss Post states that the drone is very light construction. Further, the drone is able to transport loads of up to “one kilo over more than 10 kilometres with a single battery charge.”


Australia Post Considers Drone Delivery

Australia Post announced that they are considering using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to deliver mail around rural areas.


The Little Ripper Shark Hunting Drone Could Change the Face of Patrols and Rescue Searches

A new drone called “Little Ripper” that can hunt and spot sharks off the coast of New South Wales as well as provide rescue packages.